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This event will last till Friday, 5/15 12:00 PM (UTC+0).

Attention all S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents!

In need of allies?
Exclusive Offer has been sent to you!
You can get more biometrics from Hero Dimensional Chest, including the “Combat/Blast” and “Speed/Universal” Chests!
Note: During the event, there is a higher chance to get 30 or more Biometrics on chests. 

That's all. Dismissed!

2015/05/11 | CM Mobirum MARVEL Future Fight

Greetings, Agents. Alright, boys and girls.


Get ready for the greatest community gaming event of all time. Hosted by yours truly, the one, the only… DEADPOOL!


All you guys have to do is give me a warm welcome (and it better be WARM, because if I don’t feel like Christmas inside you’re all in trouble!) to MARVEL Future Fight, and you’ll get some goodies!


Event Details:

Fill up the GAUGE!


 Fill up the progress gauge by praising my awesomeness on the forum EVERY DAY, and by 3:00 AM (UTC+0) I’ll update the progress gauge. Once the gauge reaches a certain amount, I’ll shower everyone with gifts. (However, just like any regular office mule, I’m off on the weekends, so the progress gauge will be updated when I get back to merc-ing on Monday!) 



How long must you guys sing my praises, you ask?


Well, until I say so! Or, until the next update, whichever comes first.

So, here’s how you fill up the gauge with points:

    Hashtags used before this event will not count 

   Hashtags used with different words will not count, such as  #where_is_deadpool #deadpoolisawesome #ilovedeadpool



The rewards will be based on how full the gauge is.

    The rewards will be available for 7 days after I appear in Marvel Future Fight!

2018/07/27 | CM Wong MARVEL Future Fight

Greetings, Agents!


We would like to open the celebration of Marvel Future Fight’s Third Anniversary with a special daily check-in event. Make sure to join us to receive awesome rewards!

Event Period:

4/27 3:00 PM ~ 7/31 2:59 PM (UTC+0)

4/27 8:00 AM ~ 7/31 7:59 AM (PDT)



Log in every day during the event period to receive the awesome rewards we have prepared. Skipping a check-in or becoming a returning user will not affect the check-in progress of your account; check-in progress will continue from where you left off. Rewards will only be available during the event period stated, so make sure to claim all rewards on time.


Take note that in order to receive all rewards, you must check-in a total number of 56 days before the end of the event on July 31st.


(For example: If your first check-in is made on June 5th, you must check-in every day in order to receive all rewards.)


Listed below are the rewards you can receive during the event.


if the same character is already owned at 6, the reward will be converted into the respective Biometrics amount for that character

if the same character is owned at a lower rank, the character will be upgraded immediately to 6

2018/04/27 | CMWingfoot MARVEL Future Fight
Attention all S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent!

The S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ has reached already 10,000 Agents!
As a token of appreciation, we'll be sending 50 Crystals to your inbox!

Thank you and keep supporting MARVEL Future Fight!

That's all. Dismissed!
2015/05/13 | CM Mobirum MARVEL Future Fight

Noble Knights!
The Seven Knights are celebrating their remake and are asking for your vote! They have each prepared a Free Gift to hand out, and after the vote has ended, the Knight with the most votes will hand out his/her gift to all of the users. Check out the images below, pick the reward you want from each Knight, and cast your vote!
The voting starts from the post of this notice until the 16th December 03:00 (UTC+0), and your favorite Knight’s gifts will be given to all users in the game, so get your friends voting for the rewards you want!

Whose reward will you choose?


Voting is now closed!

The winner is Spike, so check your inbox for his 5-Star Hero Ticket!

2015/12/10 | CM Rachel Seven Knights
Noble Knights!
We’ve updated many new heroes in the new area, so now it’s time to fill your Hero Info!

The two events below run from 3rd December ~ 17th December (before the update maintenance) (UTC+0), and your rewards will be given AFTER the event ends.

1. Receive rewards by acquiring new heroes (Coco, Catty, Jin, Lina, Daisy, Rei, Ace). The grade of the hero or the number of the same hero you acquire will not be counted multiple times. For example, if you acquire three 2-Star Cocos, it will only count as one, and if you acquire a 4-Star Rei and a 6-Star Rei, it will only count as one.
1 Hero: 10000 Gold
2 Heroes: 30 Keys
3 Heroes: 4-Star Hero Ticket
4 Heroes: 50 Keys
5 Heroes: 50000 Gold
6 Heroes: 5-Star Hero Ticket


2. Post a screenshot with a full team of 5 Heroes from the 8th Territory as a reply to this notice, and you will receive a 4-Star Hero Ticket as reward!
Example shot:

Thank you, and good luck with your adventure!
2015/12/03 | CM Rachel Seven Knights

**Update: Please check your inbox for the countdown rewards!

Greetings, Agents,


We will be celebrating the countdown to the Third Anniversary of Marvel Future Fight with awesome rewards. Please join us for this occasion.

Period: 4/15 3:00 PM ~ 4/30 2:59 PM (UTC+0) | 4/15 8:00 AM ~ 4/30 7:59 AM (PDT)

*Update: Apologies for the confusion the image may have caused. The 300 Energy reward for 4/16 can be claimed starting 4/15 8:00 AM and will be available until 4/17 7:59 AM (PDT).


2018/04/13 | CMWingfoot MARVEL Future Fight
Noble Knights!

Did you check out the new Halloween costumes? We fell in love them when we did, and to celebrate the beauty of our new limited wardrobe, we’re holding a screenshot event!

Brand New Wardrobe!
Purchase any of the 11 new Halloween outfits and post a screenshot of your most elegant pose in the lobby for a chance to win 100 Rubies!
Post your screenshot here as a reply with your hero’s costume, and we’ll be selecting 200 users in total- 100 from the Global server and 100 from the Asian server- to receive a whopping lot of 100 Rubies!

▶ Event Dates: From this notice on 2015.10.29 ~ until 2015.11.16 14:59 (UTC+0)
▶ How to Enter: Post a screenshot of your heroes in the Lobby (so that your in-game nickname shows) as a “Reply” to this thread, and write your in-game nickname and your server.

[See how to check your server here]

This event is exclusive around Halloween, so make sure you don’t miss your chance!

Thank you, and good luck with your adventure!

2015/10/29 | CM Rachel Seven Knights
Greetings, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents!
We’d like to have an open discussion with you who’s the best Hero/the worst Villain in the universe. Please join and let us give your opinion who you choose!
100 Lucky participants will receive 200 Crystals!
Don’t forget to leave your Code name on your comments.
Period: May 19th 2015 ~ May 24th 23:59 (UTC+0)
2015/05/19 | CM Mobirum MARVEL Future Fight

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


The results of the Facebook Like Event are here! We are amazed of how many players liked the X-Men Wallpaper so we would like to thank everyone who participated!


Remember to get the rewards simply by logging in from 6/13 15:00 ~ 6/17 14:59 (UTC+0)!

The rewards will input automatically whenever you log in during the period.


Facebook Like Event


Based on the results, the X-Men Wallpaper got more than 5.7k likes!

All players will receive:



Thank you everyone for participating in this event!

2017/06/09 | CM Jocasta MARVEL Future Fight
Attention all S.H.I.E.L.D Agents! 
This is another celebration event!

During the period, Heroes and Villains EXP rates increased from 100% to 120%!
This event will lasts until the 17th of May 2015, 15:00.

Thank you very much for all the support and dedication you have given to Marvel Future Fight! 
That is all! Dismissed!
2015/05/15 | CM Mobirum MARVEL Future Fight


Let us all celebrate the The Great Alliance Challenge! All you have to do is cheer for your favorite Alliance and you get a chance to earn some glorious rewards!


4/15 3:00 PM ~ 4/20 2:59 PM (UTC+0)
4/15 8:00 AM ~ 4/20 7:59 AM (PDT)



Those that will be participating in this event must reply to this post with a statement either rooting for your own Alliance, or an Alliance that you have secretly wanted to root for. At the completion of the event, all Agents will receive the following rewards based on the number of replies/comments written on the official post of the event posted on ALL official community sites. (Mobirum, Korean Naver Café, Japanese/Taiwanese Mobirum, etc.)



※ Rewards will only be sent if the number of comments have reached the required number

※ All rewards will be given out cumulatively. (i.e. completing Challenge 3 will give the Agents the rewards for Challenge 1, 2 AND 3)


2018/04/16 | CM Jocasta MARVEL Future Fight