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2019/01/22 15:04
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Just like the PSP game that started the series, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is an interesting team-based fighting game that throws in almost every character from previous Final Fantasy titles. Famous characters from the PlayStation One classic Final Fantasy Tactics and Type-0 which was released in multiple consoles are also included in the character roster.   

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has a unique combat system for a 3v3 arena brawler, which focuses on strategy and executing a proper team structure. Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise will be delighted to see a mix of characters like Kefka from Final Fantasy VI and Dragoon Knight Kain from Final Fantasy IV duke it out in a familiar yet beautifully redesigned arena.

The PlayStation 4 graphics engine did a great job in giving old-school FF title characters a fresh coat of paint that’s pleasing to the eye.

The soundtrack of the game is also masterfully done, with the developers bringing back familiar theme music from previous titles. The cutscenes are also a sight to behold and newcomers to the Final Fantasy world would definitely enjoy the downtime given to them by the carefully edited scenes.

The combat system of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT uses new ideas that would surprise gamers already familiar with 3v3 brawlers. It starts off with a basic introduction of a fighter class for the 13 strong character roster. Players need to balance excellent teamwork along with the careful coordination of attacks with the use of a Marksman, Assassin, and Vanguard.

The Marksman is tasked with bombarding the enemy with multiple-hit projectiles and wide area-effect spells. The Assassins are given a huge mobility boost, which makes them perfect for hit and run attacks, while the Vanguard’s job is to implement immense damage to the opponent through multiple combos.  

Teamwork is essential in order to achieve victory in Dissidia NT, along with proper character combinations.  An example is the team-up of Ultimecia and Squall from Final Fantasy VIII which shows a Marksman that can hit opponents from a distance and an Assassin working to get close to launch a multi-slash attack.  

The game also introduces the new Bravery attack, which is divided into three airborne moves and three ground attacks. Each Bravery assault can steal Brave points from the enemy that can be added to the player’s team. The collected points can be used later to launch a heavy HP-reducing move against opponents.

In Dissidia Final Fantasy NT there’s no need to memorize long combos since every move has an automatic startup that leaves an opening for the enemy to exploit. The game took the primary design of fighting games and gave it a new twist for a 3v3 arena brawler title. 

On the downside, Dissidia NT has too much clutter that makes it intimidating for most people to play the game on a casual level.

Too many target reticules and power meters can be seen on-screen during battles and these can confuse gamers playing the game for the first time. Another weak point is the single-player mode that hasn’t been given enough attention compared to the PvP mode.

Overall, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will please fans with its polished design and interesting combat mechanics. But Square Enix still needs to find the right balance between adding challenging elements and keeping other aspects of the game simple enough for most players. 

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