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2019/01/22 15:03
HeroCry Saga

Role-playing games are a staple for a gamer’s device, whether it’s a mobile, PC, console, or any gadget that can have video games in it. As the genre suggests, people can have characters from all shapes and sizes. But, if you’re one of the people who wants to role-play cute characters, well, HeroCry Saga is for you.

HeroCry Saga is a role-playing game developed by Monster Smile Inc., the same developer of the game MonsterCry Eternal, which is pretty fun game that made me grind for more powerful cards up until now. Knowing that they have the same developer, I immediately tried this game out.

The Adventure

Starting the game out, I was immediately greeted by a great 3D animated opening sequence followed by a battle against a powerful Lich. Seeing that I have started with five powerful heroes, I know that there will be something cool that will happen, and there was. I won’t show it to you because it will ruin your experience.

After that opening battle, my real adventure began. I got a female warrior with a badass axe and shield. Then she immediately met a fairy and an elf. I already thought that I will have a multi-race team. This is a very rare scenario as more often than not, a strong and muscle-packed hero is the first character you can get.

Then, I finished the whole tutorial battles of the first chapter in this adventure. The game has a total of eight chapters, but I’m pretty sure that this will have more chapters as the game updates in the future. It has also a Normal mode and a Hard mode for each chapter, so that’s a total of 16 chapters to be completed and grinded until our fingers collapse, right?


Each chapter also has epic bosses that has great character build up. Like in the first chapter, most stages in it contains an orc or a goblin monster. Then, the boss that you will face is this hulking meat of strength called the Orc General, and he does the slitting the throat gesture, how fun is that!


 I know you want to know about the game’s heroes, right? Well, I don’t want to list all of them apples because they’re way too many, as in WAY TOO MANY. Considering that this game needs you to collect heroes, they are classified by their rarity. The rarities are B, A, S, SS, SSS, and SSS+9, B being the lowest. There is also an M which contains monster exclusively for enhancing, but we’ll get to that later.

In my example image there, the SSS class is already 15 characters. I dare you to collect them all and have a wide range of heroes to choose from. Versatility and a balanced team will make you win your battles, so train all of them!

This Hero information panel shows everything that you can do with your hero and I found very useful things here.Level Up is used to make one of your characters catch up with your main party’s level. This is very useful for a newfound SSS hero that you want to be added on your team.

Enhance, Evolve, and Awaken is what I found out to be the most useful of them all. These three can make an A level card to an S level card. The +5 that you can see next to the heroine’s name is the result of Enhance. A plus in each card is done by using weaker cards to power it up, or use powerful M cards that can make upgrading faster.

The violet stars are the result of Evolve. If a character reaches +5 Enhancement, you can Evolve them by using a card with the same rarity and stars, and the character’s stats will increase, making them even more powerful.

Awaken unlocks the Hero’s fourth skill. Those skills are mostly passive, but, the benefits of those skills are significant to your team’s stats, as well as making that character deal more damage, or heal them.

These upgrades will increase each character’s strength by tenfold. It is a great mechanic if you have a character you love and you don’t want them to be removed from your team.

Equipment, Skill, and Rune are the common elements of an RPG, upgrade them to your level and that increases their strength, if you manage them carefully.

 Game modes

There are multiple game modes that can be experienced in this game apart from the classic Adventure mode. The first thing I like to talk about is the Arena.

In this game mode, your team will fight against other players’ team around the world. Pick one out of the three people that they randomly suggested to you and fight them but, it will set to auto so you will have to factor each of your character’s power or you will end up losing even if the meter shows you that you’re powerful than them.

Next is the World Boss inside the Dark Castle. This game mode pits your team against a powerful boss that can’t be killed. This boss just takes your damage like a sponge and a counter of your total damage dealt is shown above as his health bar. For two minutes, try to deal as much damage as you can because your team and all of your cards are with you, literally.

 Still inside the Dark Castle, there is this mode called Chapter Boss. This mode lets you fight against a more powerful Chapter Boss from the adventure mode. If you defeat a boss, it will level up by five points, so this poses unlimited challenge. I just fought the Orc General there and my characters are just lucky that we won with them left a sliver of health.

The last is the Expedition which contains several modes that rewards the players’ hefty amounts of useful items, Gold, and Hero materials.

The Expedition contains the Daily Dungeon that changes depending on the day of the week The rewards and the challenge changes, so a wide pool of heroes is very useful. It also contains the Axolotl Gold Mine that easily rewards the player 75,000 Gold every clear. There is also the Temple of Blessings which rewards the players Awakening materials for their Heroes. There are multiple available challenges and each has its own rewards, so depending on your need, you should check them out. These modes can be explored once every day.

Magic Hall of the World is where you can farm runes to make your character stronger. Farm your Heroes rune needs so you can build them correctly. Exploration offers various treasures such as Gold and Blue Gems, and all you have to do is wait a certain amount of time after sending your exploration team, as long as they fit the conditions, they are fine.

 Shop, Currency, and Community

Let’s talk about the currency used in the game and how they can be obtained. Gold is the commoncurrency in the game which you can earn literally anywhere in this game. This will be used on almost everything that strengthens your characters, so save them up. Red Gems uses real money, but this is very optional. You will only buy it if you’re rushing to get a hero or two. Blue Gems are rewarded as you play the game. These can be used to buy new cards, premium cards. But it will still rely on your luck, so buy cards carefully.

There is also the Stamina in which the players use to initiate a quest and earn everything. Your capacity will grow more as you play the game.

Why add Currency along with the Community? Well, there is a Friend and Guild feature so you can travel the lands with a companion, so you don’t have to go alone. You can send ‘Friendship Points’ to your Friends and vice versa, these points are used in the Shop to buy items. Guild gives you boosts on Experience gain, as well as Guild Points that you can use in the Shop as well.

The Shop is where you can buy useful things and get new cards as well. Arena earn you points, World Boss gives you points, and Guild and Friends give you points and all of those will be spent here to buy Stamina, Awakening potions, and various other things that will be beneficial to your progress.


But, how does the game play out? Well, for starters, you can create a five-man team, each are equipped with up to two active skills. There will also be an ultimate skill that can be manually or automatically used which can be a game changer, considering the damage it deals.

I can also consider that this game has the hybrid turn-based battle system because there is a timer before casting each skill but every character can attack normally every once in a while. The ultimate skill, however, can only be casted once, so always make it count.

Character positions also plays a great part in the game’s mechanic. Characters move while doing attacks such as a Shield Bash or a Sword Thrust. If a character moves out of their original place, attacks are surely going to miss. Timing will play out in this kind of mechanic too.

Team’s position on the team is also important. There are Heroes that can be considered as tanks, fighters, magicians, and more. How these Heroes are placed in the team will not only give them strategical advantage, but also gives them boosts.

The game also has Auto Battle and Repeat mode so you can just leave your phone and the game will play by itself. That’s easy and hassle-free farming for you and for me.

 Graphics and Sounds

This game’s graphics are cute, VERY CUTE. For a guy like me who grew up playing MMORPGs on PC, I strived to be the cutest among all the badasses. This game just blatantly made me cute. It also contains numerous creatures that, even though they’re supposed to be scary, they’re too cute.

Every character’s attacks are animated, which not only adds to the game’s cosmetics, but also takes part in its mechanics as I’ve said earlier. These attacks have special visual and sound effects that increases its beauty.

Also, every stage is beautifully drawn. Every background gives the game its characteristics and an overall beauty in each and every look.

All of these visual candies combined with adapting music adds intensity to every battle that you will ever partake into. In a simpler terms, it is a very appealing game.

 I Got the Icon!

I don’t share this information about myself too often but, I burst into tears when I get the featured character of the game. In this game, they used the face of this hero named ‘Momo’ and I must say that I already found her.

This moment when I found her in one of those hundreds of cards, it’s like the first time I completed Yu-Gi-Oh!’s “Exodia the Forbidden One” and you bet that was when I was younger. Can you imagine a full-grown man crying because he found the game’s icon character?

Momo is one of those characters which is packed with cuteness and deadliness. In her codex, she is an apprentice ninja who wants to take on dangerous missions. But look at her cuteness! Can you imagine that she can kill hordes of monsters with that look? I know I can’t because of that overwhelming cuteness.

Her active skills combines death and cute. Her first skill is called Rabbit Dagger in which she throws rabbit-themed throwing knives to all of the enemies in the front line. Scamper Skill is her second active skill in which she does the classic slash and dash, leaving piles of bodies behind. She also has an ultimate skill that can be equipped called Replication Technique. This is like Naruto’s Shadow Clone Jutsu and it damages all enemies.

She really is the epitome of cute without e. A ninja, a cute girl, a cute ninja girl, that’s what she is and that’s what she will always be.


Well, there aren’t much to tell you about the game except that it’s a great game that is pretty much worth your time. I highly recommend that you download HeroCry Saga if you’re into RPGs and cute things. As I’ve said earlier, this game is made by Monster Smile Inc. and they really develop great games such as MonsterCry Eternal. But I warn you though, you might get addicted in this game just like I did. Please send help because after writing this I’ll get back on my phone and play the game again.

Check them out on Google Play and App Store here! 

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