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2019/01/22 14:58
Tekken Mobile

Most developers have a hard time getting fighting games to translate properly on mobile, due to two major reasons. One, most gamers are already used to playing fighting games in consoles and arcades, so playing it on a mobile platform would just be awkward. 

The second reason is very obvious; tablets and smartphones don’t have buttons and joysticks, so trying to initiate multiple combos and special moves can be quite tricky. Tekken Mobile tried to find a way to at least solve one of the issues, and in a way, it works like a charm. 

 New controls for an old-school game

Harry Slater from Pocket Gamer mentioned that the new Tekken for mobile gamers is similar to Marvel’s Contest of Champions, where taps and swipes are needed to perform specific moves.  

The guys from Bandai Namco decided to make things simpler for tablet and smartphone users. Pushing the left side of the screen will bring up a guard, tapping the right on the screen would start a combo. Holding down on the screen will charge an attack, which can break an opponent’s guard.  

If players swipe right or left, their character would shift towards that direction. Another new element for mobile Tekken is the addition of special move cards. They are located at the bottom right of the screen and with a single tap, the player can initiate a move that a card represents. There’s also an option to change the deck, which would bring up various options during a match.

The key to using the special move cards is to chain them together with regular attacks, which will start a heavy barrage against an opponent. The final output is similar to what’s commonly found in Tekken console titles.  

 Smooth graphics for mobile

The graphics for Tekken Mobile is strikingly similar to what can be seen in the PlayStation 2 and the PSP. It’s high-quality and the environmental effects are also great, with the concrete being smashed every time an opponent falls down after a combo.

The background design is also very pleasing to the eye, with players being transported to different interesting locations with each new stage. There’s also great attention to detail given to the design of the characters from King to Jin Kazama, and fans of the series won’t get disappointed.

 The Verdict

The mobile version of Tekken is mostly intended for an audience who aren’t familiar with previous Tekken incarnations found in consoles. Hardcore gamers can check it out, but they shouldn’t expect too much. 

The developers successfully integrated the touch screen controls of a tablet and smartphone, in order to bring a near-fluid arcade fighting experience for the mobile generation. 

Play the game on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.bandainamcoent.tekkenmobile&hl=en
Play the game on iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/tekken/id1245078891?mt=8

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