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IGS Manager
2019/05/10 17:22
Tetris 99

In celebration of Tetris’ 35th anniversary, the Tetris 99 MAXIMUS CUP returns with something extra. The 3rd Tetris MAXIMUS CUP will start on May 17, 2019 12 AM PT and will run til May 19, 2019 11:59 PM PT and like the previous MAXIMUS CUP Events, players will have to compete in online battles with 98 other players.
The event has a little extra for its participants as players can unlock an in-game theme that’s inspired by the original Game Boy Tetris game. Player can unlock it gathering 100 event points, and event points are given in each game depending on your placement.
1st – 100 Points
2nd – 50 Points
3rd – 30 Points
4th – 10th – 20 Points
11th – 30th – 10 Points
31st – 50th – 5 Points
51st – 90th – 2 Points
91st – 99th – No Event Points given
There’s also the upcoming Big Block DLC that adds offline modes! In CPU Battle, you can play Tetris 99 offline against 98 CPU players and in Marathon, you can challenge yourself to clear the most lines and get the highest score possible. The Second DLC Pack will add more game modes at a later date.
The modes included in the Big Block DLC are playable offline and the Nintendo Switch Online Subscription is not required the purchase the DLC, however, to play Tetris 99’s online mode, it requires the subscription service.
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