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IGS Manager
2019/05/23 18:08
Hollow Knight
It’s been almost 8 years since Hollow Knight was released, and it still has its own unique charm that brings a player into an new and immersive world through simple platforming action, and this is our view before its sequel releases.

Hollow Knight is a metroidvania platformer game, where the world is a single, large, connected map that can be explored to and fro. Explored areas can be revisited anytime, as some areas need special items or skills in order to be reached.

It offers a very challenging platformer experience, which requires precise movements using its limited controls. The protagonist is still a normal knight who can take hits, swing his weapon, and move in linear movements, so using his capabilities as best one could takes quite the skill.

In addition to that, the map is carefully and masterfully designed. It’s interconnected with each other, and obstacles may seem impassable at first, but with the right tools, players can progress further in the stage. It also tests the player’s mechanics as there are paths that needs precise movements, and one mistake can cost the player to restart the whole segment.

Another good thing about the game is how it rewards the players for exploring each map thoroughly. Rewards come in different forms. Some are Geo (in-game currency), Charms that greatly improves the knight’s capabilities, or rare items to be traded for Geo or gain access to secret rooms.

This mechanic keeps the player on their toes as they keep looking for hints of secret rooms, bonus Geo, and even new parts of the map. It may sound tedious, but it lets the player experience the whole game without any exception. I admit, there are times that I want to skip some parts, but it leaves the question, “did i make the right turn?”

For a game developed by an indie studio (Team Cherry), the game’s graphics and overall art direction is too good to be called an indie game. It didn’t use pixel art, which is popular for indie games.

The game also has a diversity of enemies, and it's pretty evident, especially on each map. There are different interactions everytime the knight encounters a boss. For example, there’s this Mantis Village filled with hostile enemies. It’s boss is a trio of mantis lords, and when they got defeated, the mantis enemies now pay respect to the knight.

It’s challenging yet rewarding. Understanding how enemies move takes quite the effort, but its usefulness goes way beyond a single enemy. It sharpens the reflexes of the player, as they react faster and better on each defeat. 

I died quite often, especially during boss fights. During these boss fights, I saw how vast my improvement was. From getting killed almost instantly to seeing myself dancing through enemy attacks, it was exhilarating and left me wanting for more.

Another thing that made this game challenging is its save mechanic. Players can’t easily save or quicksave anywhere. They have to find a bench to sit down, take a rest from the adventure, and replenish the lost health during combat. This also becomes the spawn point if the player miserably dies, no matter how far they have gotten without using any bench.

Seeing this bench after a long time of exploration, it can put a struggling adventurer’s heart at ease. There were moments where i barely made it into the next bench, and it felt like arriving home from school or work, laying down on the bed, and sleeping all my worries away.

Death in this game can be stressful. When the knight dies, all of their Geo are gone and the Spirit meter is cracked. However, it leaves a shade to a nearby area where they die, which the player needs to retrieve in order to get back all the Geo and the missing Spirit meter. 

Although, if the player dies before collecting the shade, say goodbye to all the Geo as another shade gets spawned, which removes the previous one completely.

Another thing that i liked about the game is the godly music. All the themes are beautiful. Hearing all of it is a must before you die, literally. There are variety of music for each section of the map during exploration, and a new track plays during intense boss and other important battles.

In addition to that, Team Cherry has brought in a few free content updates for the game. Four DLCs has made it into the game, which expanded its world. Each new DLC also has great soundtrack. For them to be given for free is too much of a bargain, if i say so myself.

All in all, it’s a great platformer that may surprise you when someone say it’s an indie game. This is definitely one of the best indie games available in the market, and it now covers platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

I can that this is a must-try game, and after you finished and enjoyed it too, let’s all wait for the incoming Hollow Knight: Silksong.
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