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IGS Manager
2019/04/17 22:00
Storm Rising is the new PvE mission from the Overwatch Archives and it takes the players back 6 years from Overwatch’s current events. It features four Heroes namely Tracer, Winston, Genji, and Mercy in pursuit of Talon’s Omnic accountant, Maximilien in Havana, Cuba. This Strike team will be directed by Overwatch Commander Sojourn and will be hearing her voice on the voice communications as she gives intel to the team.
Players who missed the previous Archives events, Retribution and Uprising, can play it for the first time in either Story mode or All Heroes mode. Storm Rising will come with Story mode and All Heroes mode as well, and it will feature 8 Achievements each with rewards that can be unlocked.
Like all previous Overwatch events, Storm Rising will be bringing news cosmetic items. New highlight intros, victory poses, Sprays, voice lines, and skins are up for grabs in the Loot box, but for those who missed the cosmetic items from the previous Archives events may get it while the event runs.
Overwatch Storm Rising runs from April 16 until May 6, 2019.

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