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IGS Manager
2019/02/15 19:15
Azur Lane

Azur Lane’s The Solomon Ranger and Flower Festival events are now up in the EN server, along with new in-game content such as new Skins, Systems, and Retrofit.

[The Solomon Ranger]

The event runs from February 14 until February 20, 2019, with two new ships added. Light Aicraft Carrier IJN Ryuujou and Destroyer IJN Hatsushimo are now added in the Limited-Time Construction. There will be an event-exclusive map (The Smoldering South Sea) with their own Event Missions to complete. A special item called J Talisman can be claimed when completing SP chapters, these Talismans are related to the Event Milestone wherein players need to collect J Talismans to get various items, including 1 IJN Ryuujou at the end of the Milestone.

[Flower Festival]

Play the match card minigame and receive IJN Houshou’s Autumn Dreams skin! A Memory Card will appear each day at every daily reset and once all the pairs are solved, the player will receive 1 Memory Card. Collect 10 Memory Cards to get the event-exclusive skin. This event will run from February 14 until March 6, 2019.

Players can play the minigame as often as they like but they will not be receiving any additional Memory Cards for the day.

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