Privacy Policy
IGS considers its members' information very seriously and aims to maintain its service in such as a way that all information is protected and interest is kept at its peak. The Privacy Policy below shows the information that we collect and how we handle them.
1. The Information we collect
Our members can access our Service through their personal Facebook and Google Plus account information. The following are the types of information that we collect:
  • 1) For better services and customer inquires
    - Facebook Platform (If you have opened an account): Facebook account, date of birth and year, (does not apply to members younger than age of 14), name, gender, address, your currently set language for your phone, nationality, time zone and Facebook friend list.
    - Google Plus : Google Plus ID, profile and nickname.
    - Every Netmarble : e-mail ID, profile and nickname.
  • 2) We may request the following additional information with your consent for promotional events and other selective services
    - mobile phone number, email address, home address, gender, and region
  • 3 ) The following server log information may be created and collected when using the Services.
    - Usage record, access logs
How we collect information
  • - Through Website and mobile phone
    - Information that you provide us through 1:1 inquiries or directly
    - Through information collecting tools
    You may refuse collection or sharing of your information. However, in doing so you may not be able to take full advantage of our services.
2. How we use collected information
We use the information we collect from all of our services to provide, maintain, protect and improve them, to develop new ones, and to protect IGS and its users. We also use this information to offer you tailored contents such as ads.
  • 1) Why we collect your information
    Information is used for member identification for our services, and to distinguish multiple accounts, nationality, inappropriate members, settling disputes, etc.
  • 2) The purpose of our service
    Customer satisfaction, notification, community support
  • 3) Development, marketing/advertisement of new service
    New service, event information, improvement of service and statistical information
  • 4) Safety and Security
    Improve the safety and security of provided services.
3. Cookies
Using a variety of techniques to send one or more cookies to your device when users use the service, you can take advantage of how IGS collects and stores information.
When you set up through your browser if you do not want your information to be collected you may refuse to use the service, however if you do so will may not be able to use all available services.
4. Sharing of Information
IGS is entrusted with the handling of personal information in order to improve its services.
The company is entrusted with personal information in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations when handling personal information that is strictly necessary, so all operations may be safely managed.
Custodian Name: Netmarble Games Corp.
Fiduciary duties: system development and operations for service providers
Use of personal information Period: Withdrawal during or at the end of consignment contracts
5. Modification of Information
IGS services provide its users with the required login information via a designated platform. If you wish to modify the registered information you may do so through the respective company from which the information came from.
6. Avoid harm to legal requests and correspondence
IGS will only provide access to personal information of its clients under the following circumstances:
  • - Compliance with laws, regulations, procedures and legally enforceable governmental request
  • - Enforcement of Terms of service Including Terms of Service violation investigation.
  • - Detection of fraud, security breach or technical issues
  • - Protection from hazards which is the right of the general public, property, safety.
7. Information Security
In IGS, personal information is treated with utmost care using automated systems with advanced technology and encryption to ensure against loss, stealing, leak, and modification of data.
The company will do its best to ensure protection of client information however it will not be held responsible for the negligence of the clients in handling their own information.
8. Links
The Company may provide links to Websites of other companies or materials provided on the site. It should be noted that in this case, the company will no control over external sites and resources provided within those websites. The company shall not be held responsible for actions and exchange of data with external websites that it has no affiliation with. Following external links that lead outside of the web services covered by the company should be done by the user's own volition and responsibility. The Privacy Policy of these external websites should be checked by the user as they are independent of this company's own Privacy Policy.
9. Compliance
IGS will review its own compliance with the privacy policy on a regular basis.
10. Change of Policies
Privacy Policy may change from time to time
If there is a change in the content of the privacy policy you will be informed before you continue using the services provided by the company.